Moratorium extended

Dear FA Friends, Neighbors and Members,

In a striking and progressive civic gesture, the DS City Council, led by the votes of Santos Alba, Doug Philip and Joe Volpe, in a 3-2 tally, chose to listen to the common sense pleas of their staff, their Planning & Zoning Commission and us, their disenfranchised ETJ subjects. It is very encouraging to see the majority of the elected City officials take the bull by the horns and rather than succumb to the self-centered principles of market forces and real estate gain, instead heed the call of civic duty and responsibility to our futures. We cannot thank them enough.

This continued Moratorium will allow the City to finish the hard, ongoing work on their Subdivision Ordnance updates and also incorporate the results and recommendations of the Regional Groundwater Protection Planning Group, which they are sponsoring along with Hays and Travis Counties, the Groundwater Districts and CIty of Austin. This is welcome news indeed.

Rob Baxter

Last updated on Saturday, February 5, 2005 by Bill c for Rob B